bodies like sundials on the lawn

i wrote a poem in my head the other day that used that line. in case you were wondering.

seriously though, i am about to embark on what could be the biggest moment in my career. this is most assuredly a moment-maker. a game-changer. whatever other cheesy business term. this could be huge. 

or i could fail and lose money.

but as listener says - “we only have what we remember.”

money can be made and lost..although so can memories. bad analogy. but you know what i mean.

carpe that friggin’ diem, terra. 

faux paws

today a woman came to the cash register and bought a scone, a smoothie, sourdough bread, and a snickerdoodle cookie. i giggled and called attention to the fact that she was purchasing all S words. she didn’t find it amusing. 

someday i’ll work somewhere where people enjoy alliterations. 



man, stupid people at work make me want to punch sunshine.  

especially people with blue mohawks.

hahaha, in case you can’t tell, that was sarcasm directed specifically at one person in order to see if the punk will actually read this.  :p

in all reality, the only thing i’m drinking the haterade about today is my seemingly inept landlord.  after drenching my bed twice now in someone else’s used shower water, he has now torn up my ceiling completely, just to find that he still can’t see the leak.  his response?  ”i’m gonna leave this huge hole here, and you tell me where the water comes from next time the neighbors get freaky and soak all your earthly belongings, mmmkay?”

sweet.  love my life.

ps, my house smells like moldy gym shoes now.  

here’s what i need you to do…

and by “you” i mean the entire population of nashville and surrounding cities.

stay away from my workplace tomorrow.  

i already have one person coming in late, another called out due to a concussion, and 3 people unavailable because they’re taking the praxis test.

so if everyone could just stay away and keep the store painfully quiet tomorrow, that would be awesome.

if i could ever manage a shift where everyone showed up and and on time, then you are more than welcome to join us.  

but sadly, 9 times out of 10, that does not happen.

the south has a crappy work ethic.

tomorrow’s gonna be a long day…


today was a weird day.  not really sure why.  i mean, it’s over now really, but i feel like i didn’t really participate in much of it.  especially since it was a training night at work.  so i just kinda wandered around all day and did whatever struck my fancy at the moment.  just weird.

on a related note, i *almost* accomplished some honest-to-goodness latte art today.  it was soo close to being a rosetta.  i was gonna take a picture of it, but raleigh drank it while i was getting my phone.  

i intend to practice more tomorrow, so expect a huge freaking victory picture if it works out.

[insert switchfoot song lyric here]

i am bored of my job.  i wish i was doing something i was more passionate about.  don’t get me wrong, i’m grateful for the chance to do adult things like developing character and building invaluable life skills and whatnot (and free cupcakes), but really, to what end?  i go to work, work my tail off, wreak havoc on my sleep schedule, and repeat.  all just to get an email next shift saying what i did the previous day that either sucked or was was ok? lame.  i’d rather be out doing something that excites me.  something that i would want to do whether or not i was getting paid for it.

i have been told my latest idea won’t work.  it will be too hard and other people will come in and wreck it.  that is, if i can even get it off the ground.  

anyone that knows me from my high school days knows that i have an immense fear of failure.  i HAD to be number one in my class, and if it looked like something i wouldn’t be the best in, i wouldn’t do it. (why do you think i arranged my schedule so i was able to opt out of gym class 10th-12th grade??)

in the end, my fear and common sense says to keep my head down and just keep working away.  it doesn’t matter if you like what you are doing, as long as your loans get paid.

that’s dumb.  but that’s life.


there’s a man who comes in most evenings and asks me to make his drink for him.  his name is peter, and every time he asks for me by name to fix him an iced triple espresso.  while i pull his shots he leans on the little half-wall and tells me about his day.  he’s your typical nashville type - one day he’s writing songs, the next he’s editing cover art for a friend’s book.  the best part, though, is that everything he seems to create is centered around some sort of play on words or picture trick to make things tie together.  he’s one punny dude.

long story short, i should hire him out to write the titles for my tumblfumbls.